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In 2002, Pamela Jarmon-Wade wrote and published Single Parent Support as a collection of challenges accompanied by inspirational biblical scriptures. She was a divorced single parent at the time and that book was a labor of love intended to encourage single parents to live a meaningful, productive, purpose driven, prayerful, goal oriented and happy life…while victoriously embracing the challenge of single parenting. Once she started promoting the book, it became very obvious that divorce was not the main reason for single parenting. In addition to divorce and births out of wedlock…incarceration, death, mental illness, drug addiction, and child neglect were other reasons for propelling one into being a single parent.

Now, there is a new face to single parenting and that is single grandparenting. Census Bureau statistics report that about 670,000 children across the United States live in their grandmothers home with neither their grandfather nor their parent present. In 2015, Author Shelita Anderson planted the seed for Pamela to write a second edition of Single Parent Support. Even though Pamela has been happily married for years now and is no longer a single parent…she still has a heart for the single parents.

The winds of life are certain to blow challenges our way regardless of how one came to be single parenting, but her book will equip you with the timeless wisdom of God and the Bible. When the storms of life are raging, it sometimes seems that successfully making it through is an elusive possibility. Pamela says, "That is why we need more than man’s insight. This book will give you a wealth of wisdom at your fingertips. Use it as a supplement…not a replacement for your Bible."

Author Shelita Anderson ( has written the foreword for the second edition of Single Parent Support.  This book will be released in mid-2016 as an e-book and will be available on

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Posted on Dec 29, 2015

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