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Row is a short film written and directed by Courtney Glaude.  It stars both Courtney Glaude and Pam Jarmon-Wade.  It is a dark drama/thriller that gives the viewer a front row seat into how someone close to you can hurt you most.  When asked how she relates to this dark character in Row, Pam says, "I am no way capable of doing what my character did in the short film.  I was happy to be cast as the Nanny in this project.  It gave me a chance to stretch in my craft of acting.  Courtney is an amazing writer and director and just the fact that he is from Houston and casting locally is awesome!  Acting Coach Ivana Chubbuck teaches that an actor should never judge their character.  An evil person does not think they are evil…they always have a reason for doing what they do.  This holds true for my Nanny character in Row.  This short film can be vewied on YouTube or via the FaceBook page of Green Eyed Theater.

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Posted on May 30, 2016

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