TheAdventuresofLittleLeroyCoverFront090117The Adventures of Little Leroy: Things That go Bump in The Night (2017)

Review By Marvin D. Cloud, mybestseller Publishing 

In The Adventures of Little Leroy: Things That go Bump in The Night, author Pamela Jarmon Wade brings back the central character, Little Leroy, for more teachable, life lessons. This time Pamela weaves the unpleasant theme of death against the backdrop of the ever popular Halloween season. She revisits a bygone era when neighborhoods were more than the place where people lived, but communities where neighbors were, too a great degree, members of extended families. Again she use the character of Little Leroy, a young African American boy based on her deceased brother.  Little Leroy, like all of the children in the neighborhood, is looking forward to the age-old, October custom of going door to door to "Trick or Treat." He receives news that one of the older sages, Mr. Davis, has died.  Leroy is thrown for a loop which is made worse after the funeral when he has a difficult time going to sleep. To make matters worse, Mrs. Davis decided to give Leroy's father, several items of clothing that belonged the her husband. This did not set well in Little Leoy's household.

While not directly dealing with grief, the second installment of The Adventures of Little Leroy series, gives a warm message of comfort, that there is indeed, something far beyond what we can see, when things go bump in the night.


Jarmon Wade Book Cover(1)The Adventures of Little Leroy: The Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. (2011)

Review By Midwest Book Review – The American History Shelf (July 2012, Vol. 22, #7)

"The Adventures of Little Leroy: The Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr." is a wonderful teaching book that tells about the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. Using the appealing character of Little Leroy, a young African American boy based on the deceased brother of the author, historical details about the life, works and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. emerge. Little Leroy is excited to share an educational DVD with his friends James and Clyde who come from different races and ethnicities, and to visit the MLK monument in Atlanta, GA with his parents. A helpful point that is made in the story is that Little Leroy asks his parents to share the MLK DVD with the parents of his friends, so they can all learn about the message and legacy of Dr. King together.

The King Philosophy is explained by little Leroy by choosing three different colored marbles, black, white and brown, to represent three different human races, Black White and Hispanic. Little Leroy shows that they are all equal, both the different colored marbles and the different races of people. He learned more about love and about unity from Dr. King's speeches and history.

To help keep Martin Luther King's dream alive, Little Leroy's parents decide to take him to the MLK Center for Nonviolent Social Change in Atlanta, GA on next year's vacation. "The Adventures of Little Leroy" ends with inspiring photos of the author in front of King Center Campus' Ebenezer Baptist Church and other famous MLK historic places. Also, a Dr. King Quick Query list of questions and answers provides condensed facts about the life and teachings of Dr. King.

"The Adventures of Little Leroy" is a touching book with a strong message for children of all races.

Book Cover Single ParentSingle Parent Support: A Collection of Inspirational Scriptures (2002)
Single Parent Support: A Collection of Inspirational Scriptures (Kindle Edition 2012)
Available at

Book Synopsis:
This book contains specific challenges that single parents (as well as all parents) may face regardless of race, gender, and station in life or religious affiliation.  The challenges are teamed with inspirational biblical scriptures to arm parents with the timeless wisdom of God and the Bible.  The number of U.S. children living in single-parent houses has nearly doubled since 1960, according to data from the 2010 census.  Many grandparents today are stepping in to raise their grandchildren when the children's own parents are not able or willing to do so.  Many of the grandparents are single due to death and divorce… so now there is a new face added to the single parent category.  The foreword was written by Rev. Marvin D. Cloud.  One thing that the author knows for sure is that the scriptures are a balm for the wounded soul of a single parent who may deal with stress, worry, anger, resentment, guilt, and/or grief for any reason.  A section in the book is designed for family empowerment and brainstorming.
Review by Robilyn Heath of
The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers
Single Parent Support is a collection of scriptures that were carefully chosen to empower and challenge the single parent. The scriptures represented are meant to arm a single parent with a biblical support system. The last few pages of the book are presented in journal form. These pages are to be utilized by the reader to prepare a family mission statement, prayer and goals.
I feel the book could have been enhanced with the addition of short meditative moments. However, Jarmon has assembled a powerful set of scriptures to uplift the single parent.
Comments About the Book:
"Sometimes as single parents, we become discouraged in our conditions…but always remember Phil. 4:13.  I highly recommend Single Parent Support to all single parents." – Rev. R.J. Bowers of Houston, Texas
"At last, a book that celebrates single parents!" – Linda Gonsoulin, Author of In-Law Drama and A Guide to the Scriptures




Book Cover Elusive InkElusive Ink Rx Poetry (2001)
eBook Elusive Ink Rx Poetry (Kindle Edition 2012)
Available at

Review by Kalaani of
The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers 
With style and uniqueness, Pamela Gayle Jarmon has written a great selection of contemporary poetry in her book "Elusive Ink Rx Poetry."
Ms. Jarmon's words seem to flow through you with a classy reflection that helps you visualize what her poems are revealing to the reader.  From her one line sentence that said so much to her paragraphs of self explorations on relationships, friendships, life, and death, each selection holds your attention and makes you think. I enjoyed all of her poems, but three of my favorites were "Sweet Hopes," "Bronwynization," and "Love Unique."
Ms. Jarmon's poetry is written in a style that can be read over and over again, because each time will bring understanding, a certain amount of closure and a vintage of reflecting on your day to day interaction with life.  Elusive Ink Rx Poetry by Pamela Gayle Jarmon is a must read for the poetry lovers.
Comments About the Book:
“Letting Go is an issue that everyone can relate to, both mothers and children.  Coffee or Tea reminds me of a few of Nikki Giovanni and Maya Angelou’s poems.  Sometimes we have to just sit back and enjoy a poem that’s cute, but conveys a meaning none the less.”
                                                                        Latorial Faison, Author & Poet
“Jarmon’s work is honest and is an experience that should not be missed.  Her work is very personal and profound.  She not only speaks with sincerity, but she speaks wholeheartedly.”
                                                                        Tonya L. Belle (Femi), Author
                                                                        Unspoken Words
“Jarmon’s verse is honest and open…she has a familial voice that inspires and encourages us to…press on.”
                                                                        Kwame Alexander, Author


CS Dev for WivesChicken Soup for the Soul: Devotional Stories for Women
Throughout time, women have shared their joys and sorrows, thoughts and feelings, experiences and life lessons with one another. The tradition continues in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Devotional Stories for Women with 101 stories.  Women will find encouragement, solace, and strength in these personal stories and prayers that cover everyday trials to tests of faith, to marriage and parenting, to service to others and self-esteem.  
Pamela's story is about a life lesson of faith, joy, and comfort that affirms God's unconditional love and His wisdom.  Women will find encouragement and strength in this personal story and prayer.  Her story along with the other stories by various authors included promise to make this book a classic and it will be available in bookstores on September 10, 2013.


















































































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